Couponing Lingo

What do all the abbreviations mean?
ECBs     Extra Bucks earned and redeemed at CVS
RRs       Register Rewards earned and redeemed at Walgreens
SCRs     Single Check Rebates earned at Rite Aid
VVs        Video Values coupons earned at and redeemed only at Rite Aid
UP+        UP+ Rewards earned and redeemed at Rite Aid
OOP       Out of pocket. The amount paid after coupons and other discounts.
MIR        Mail In Rebate
SS          Smart Source coupon found in the Smart Source insert from the sunday paper. 
P&G       Proctor and Gamble coupon found in the Proctor and Gamble insert of the sunday paper
RP          Red Plum coupon found in the Red Plum insert of the sunday paper
SS, RP and P&G will usually be shown with a date after them. For example Nivea RP 10/03 would mean the Nivea coupon from the Red Plum insert of the newspaper form sunday october 3rd.