Saving Money Online

Swagbucks is an online search engine that will give you points up to three times a day for performing searches. You can use it just as you would google or msn and will earn between 6 and 50 points a day. Points are redeemable for a number of prizes in the swagstore. The most popular one is the $5 amazon gift card for 450 points. I earn at least 1 of these a month. There are ways to earn far more points if you take part in the offers on their website or if you like to shop online and do it through them but I just do the daily searches and have earned $50 in amazon money so far this year. To find out more click here. You'll get 30 points just for signing up!


Have you ever got a discount for being part of a group? Group buying power is huge and retailers will often give discounts in order to expose more members of the public to their product at one time. Groupon has taken this to the next level by using the internet to create huge virtual groups online. They partner with retailers to offer a daily deal at a substantial discount. Most deals are local to you so you can try out new restaurants, see movies and support local businesses for less than you would pay to buy yourself. Often they will offer a deal that can be redeemed online which means you can use it anywhere. For example a recent deal was $4 for a fandango movie ticket. Here in LA movie tickets can cost up to $12 so a savings of over 60%! To sign up for Groupon or to find out more, click here.
Want to try out some local restaurants but can’t really afford it? gives you the option to buy coupons to many of your neighborhood restaurants to save you money. For example you can buy a gift certificate for $25 off a minimum purchase of $35 for only $10. That means your $35 meal would only cost you $25. A good deal but it gets better. often releases coupon codes which when used on their site will reduce the price of that coupon by 80 percent. That means that your $35 meal would only cost $15! Now that’s a deal. Click here to visit and look out on the blog for those coupon codes. I’ll post them when they are available and you’ll be able to take advantage of some great meals out.