Monday, February 7, 2011

Donate to Greenpeace for free! (After Grouponbucks)

Did you see all the Groupon ads during the Superbowl yesterday? They used saving the whales and saving Tibet in their advertising. I wondered when I watched it how that would translate to todays deals and it seems they have followed through.

Today you can buy a $15 donation to Greenpeace through Groupon and receive a $15 Groupon credit which you may use after April 15th.

To make your donation:
* Click here to sign up with Groupon. If you are already a Groupon member go straight to the next step.
* Then click here to go to the Greenpeace deal.
* Buy the deal and follow the directions emailed to you to donate it to Greenpeace.
* Your $15 Groupon bucks will be emailed to you on April 15th. Use to purchase more Groupons.

You can also click on the following links to donate to three other causes. Groupon won't give you a credit for doing so but it will match your donation so if you donate $15 they will too.

1. Click here to join Groupon.
2. Click on one of the following links:
* Click here to donate to the Tibetan Fund's Youth Employment Program
* Click here to help BuildOn construct schools in Mali and Nepal
* Click here to donate to your choice of rain forest action network initiatives

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