Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elf on The Shelf for just $20.96!

Have you heard about Elf on the Shelf. I think this product is the best Christmas idea ever and currently you can get it from Barnes and Noble for just $20.96. Just click here and use the coupon code H7X8M8T to get 30% off the advertised price.

Your elf comes with a story about how Santa has sent him hang out with the children during the day and reports back to Santa on how the day went at night. Every morning when he returns he hides in a different place for your children to find him.


  1. Bribery and threats. I found this book kind of disturbing...

  2. I can see how it can look that way and yet if you look at the feedback from parents on Amazon most have found a way to use just the magical side of it. As a child I would have been thrilled to have one of Santa's elves come and live with me for a month. It would have made it all the more real for me. Sorry I'm a sucker for Christmas :)