Thursday, December 9, 2010

Spare change laying around the house?

Do you have spare change laying around the house? If so now's the time to use it. Coinstar is offering a free $10 gift card to Lowes, Borders, Regal Cinemas, Ritzy, Amazon or I Tunes when you cash in $40 worth of change for an e-certificate to one of the above partners.

Here's how you do it. Take $40 of change to your local Coinstar machine. Find one here. You will be asked by the machine whether you want to exchange it for money or an e-certificate. Choose an e-certificate from either Lowes, Ritzy, Amazon, Regal Cinemas, Borders or I-Tunes. It will print your certificate which you will be able to use immediately on the retailers website. Enter the promo code found on your e-certificate here and coinstar will send you an extra $10 gift card.

Please note there is no fee for changing money to e-certificate in Coinstar machines.

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