Thursday, December 2, 2010

Free Freaky Pet from Hallmark

Tomorrow (Friday) if you are one of the first five people to say the magic words below at your local Hallmark store you will receive a free Freaky Pet! To get yours just show up at the store and say the words "Are you a friend of Kromdar the Magnificent?" and if you are one of the first five they will give you a pet. In the past not many people have shown up for these deals so if you happen to be passing your Hallmark store later int he day, go in and give it a try. You may still be able to snag one.

And while you are can use this $5 off your $5 purchase coupon! I was there just yesterday and they had rolls of gift wrap for $5 and if you bought one they would give you the second for $0.99. So two rolls of gift wrap for $0.99! Can't beat that.

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