Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free bracelet and you can help Haiti

Today is the one year anniversary of the tragic earthquake in Haiti. Before I tell you about the deal you have come here to read about I want to give you a link to a wonderful website One Hundred for Haiti. If you think you can't do anything in the wake of a tragedy like this; think again. Greg Bennik is a friend of mine who decided that he could do something and mobilised others to help make a difference.

Now to the deal.....

Beyond the Rack is offering a Choose Haiti bracelet for just $10 with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity Choose Haiti. However if you join Beyond the Rack through the link below you will get a $10 Beyond the rack credit making your bracelet free. ($10 will still go to Choose Haiti but from Beyond the rack instead of you.)

Click here to join Beyond the Rack. (Please note this is not a referral link; just a way for you to get a
* When you have signed up click on "All Events"
* You will see the bracelet. Click on it and you will be able to buy it.

Beyond the Rack will ask for your credit card information even though the credit will make it free. Check your total at the bottom right of the screen to make sure it is free. Some people have been able to just enter zeros where a credit card number is asked for so you could try doing that. I keep a prepaid card handy with only a couple of dollars on it to use in this situation.

Thanks Lisa for sending me this

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