Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Walgreens Trip

Here's what I got at Walgreens today using coupons. To find the details of where to get the coupons click here.

Transaction 1: Oscilliunum - Used $2 off printable coupon. Paid $7.87. Received $9 in RRs plus a catalina coupon for a free box of Breathe Right strips.

Transaction 2: 1 box of Breathe Right strips, 1x 20 cent candy, 3 bottles Finesse shampoo and 2 Finesse conditioners (We like Finesse in our house so I buy a lot when I see it on sale). Used the Breathe Right coupon from the first transaction, 2 $1 off Finesse coupons and the RRs from the first transaction. Paid $1.75 tax.

Total for everything including tax: $10.62. I can submit my receipt and one of the peelies from the Finesse bottles to get $1.99 back so in the end this all cost me $8.62. Not bad considering the Finesse is usually $4 when not on sale.

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